Quilt Show 2020
More to come
Friday & Saturday, February 14 & 15
Bradenton Area Convention Center

Vendor Chair: Coordinate the mailing of vendor applications for
space and follow-up with each. Easiest to begin with those who
want to be with us again. Collect deposits and final payments from
each vendor. Follow up with Vendors for set up needs at the Show.

Publicity: Early publicity – search the internet for sites where free
listings for our Show can be added. The earlier our dates are
published, the less overlap we will have with other quilt shows.

Advertising: Research advertising costs, ad sizes and deadlines
for local, regional and national options. Decide best options with
Quilt Show Chair to stay within budget and place ads.

Opportunity Quilt Ticket Sale Chair: Coordinate the printing and
distribution to all members of at least 20 tickets to each Guild
member. We are each responsible for the sale or purchase of 20
tickets…more is totally acceptable! Coordinate volunteers to sell
tickets at the Show.

Quilt Travel Chair: Coordinate with other Guilds to attend a
meeting, show our Opportunity Quilt and sell tickets. The traveling
of our Opportunity Quilt could include placement at local shops as

Basket Promenade: Inspire the membership toward the creation of
or gathering and donation of items to make wonderful baskets.
Prepare colorful numbered tickets and registration cards for ticket
sales. Set up and coordinate volunteers to sell tickets at the Show.

Consignment Sales: Create the space at the show to showcase
Members’ quilted items for sale. Coordinate volunteers to set up the
booth, sell the quilts and collect the money per the arrangements
with the member.

Silent Auction: Inspire the membership to create and donate small
quilts. Collect the items as they are completed. Display the items in
the space at the Show (hopefully many will be donated so that half
may be awarded the first day of the show!). Collect winning bids
and deliver quilts into the hands of the winners.
                  Quilt Category Details:

  Large Quilts are between 60” and 110”, with a total maximum
perimeter of 440”.  Quilts will need to be folded if over 110” in
any one direction.
Small quilts have a maximum perimeter of 240” and a
maximum width of 60”.
Miniature quilts are scaled-down versions of full-size
designs, 96” perimeter or less and a maximum width of 24”.
Art Quilts can be any size up to 110” in any direction,
technique of your choice including pictorial, but must be made of
fabric and quilted and may include paint and/or embellishment.
The maker should note whether the design is original (no
commercial patterns or copies) or an interpretation (creative use
of ideas and materials including commercial patterns).
Wearable Art, Craft, or Home-Dec items must be made of
fabric and include quilting.
Challenge Quilts:  To be revealed at the April meeting!
Specialty Quilts can be wholecloth, yoyo, embroidered,
crazy, redwork, and must be quilted or tied.
Modern Quilts can be any size up to the maximum for large
quilts and may encompass bold graphics and colors as well as
negative space and asymmetry.

quilt is made of fabric in three layers: top, batting and backing
held together by stitching.
Pieced means that “piecing” predominates in construction,
design and appearance.
Applique means that applique predominates.
Mixed refers to equivalent amounts of piecing and applique in
construction, design, and appearance. The quilting method
specified should apply to at least 75% of the quilting.
Stationary/Table-Mounted Quilting refers to sit-down
machines with the quilter moving the quilt.
Track-Mounted Quilting the machine is moved rather than the
Computer-Programmed Quilting refers to quilting which is not

  Quilts must have been finished after February 15, 2018.  
  Quilt Entry Forms with color quilt photograph and $5 per quilt
are to be submitted at or before the December 2019 Guild
meeting or be postmarked by December 10, 2019 when mailed
to Carol Lipp, Manatee Patchworkers, P.O. Box 306, Bradenton,
FL  34206.
  Quilt In-Take Date:  Saturday, February 8, 2020 at the
Salvation Army
  Quilt Judging will take place on Monday and Tuesday,
February 10 and 11, 2020.
  Quilt Hanging will begin at noon on Thursday, February 13,