Community Service

    Next Community Service Workshop:

    Friday, November 15, 2019
    10:00 a.m.
    At the Salvation Army
    5328 24th Street E.,
    just off SR70 (53rd Ave. E.) west of 301

     If you'd like to be a part of some very worthwhile and appreciated service
    projects, come to a community-service workshop!  In addition, if you're
    interested in helping out with dog beds and cat mats, we are now using the
    Manatee Humane Society conference room in the new medical center on 14th
    Street for this needed service.   The next workshop will be on Tuesday,
    November 12 at 10:30 a.m..  Because of the contributions of Janice Dentler
    and those who have joined her to make dog beds and cat mats, the Humane
    Society has provided us with classroom space for Saturday classes at no
    cost!  Members can show appreciation for their generosity by taking part in the
    workshops and/or continuing to provide materials for covers and your scraps
    for stuffing--as well as by signing up for our 2019 classes!

    Join your fellow Patchworkers to have fun and do good!  Bring your
    machine or just show up and do other jobs!

If you would like to make a Community
Service Quilt, our standard size is 40" x
50" or larger with label wording as below:

This quilt is given to you by
Manatee Patchworkers Quilt Guild   
Bradenton, Florida

Your label can be handwritten or stitched.
Donated fabric is always welcome.

Thank you.
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to enlarge.
In March 2015 Janice Dentler, Sheila Walker
and Rose Ryan delivered twenty dog beds to
the Manatee Humane Society, where they were
welcomed by a staff member and a furry
resident.  The dog bed project is ongoing,
since the beds go with the pets when they are
adopted.  So there's no need to throw away
any scraps--just save them and bring them to a
meeting and they'll be put to good use!  If
you'd like to help make beds to be stuffed,
speak to Janice or Sheila for the particulars.
On October 19, 2016 Rose Ryan, Janice Dentler and
Sheila Walker delivered fifty quilts to the Guardian
Ad Litem program at the courthouse in Bradenton.  
They were received with great appreciation for the
generosity of our members.  In addition, twelve dog
beds and eight cat mats were donated to Bishop
Animal Shelter in October.

Twenty-five quilts were delivered
to the Hope Family Services
Shelter in December 2016 before
the holidays.  Toys from the
Salvation Army were also
delivered by Community Service.
The recipients of our
community-service quilts in
2017 are Hope Family
Services and Manatee
County's Guardian Ad Litem
program.  We continue to
provide dog beds and cat
mats to the Humane Society.
elivered 76 quilts to the Guardian Ad Litem